Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Safe Driving Tips For Winter

Safe Driving Tips For Winter

DELAWARE, Ohio- The official first day of Winter hasn't even arrived yet and we're already dealing with dreadful driving conditions thanks to snow, ice, and freezing rain! It's always best just to stay home when a winter storm hits, but we know that you all have commitments that you can't avoid sometimes. So if you must head out when the snow is coming down, remember these Safe Driving Tips for Winter!

Safe Driving Tips for Winter:

1. Drive Slow. It takes longer to maneuver when you are driving on snow-covered roads compared to when you are driving on dry pavement, so make sure to slow down and give yourself some extra time.

2. Move Slow. Like we said, everything takes longer on snow- or ice-covered pavement so avoid skids and regain traction by accelerating slowly. It takes longer to slow down on on snow-covered roads, so start decelerating early to make sure you can slow down safely.

3. Back Up. Again, maneuvering on wet roads takes longer, so increase the following distance from the car in front of you to 8-10 seconds to make sure you have the extra time needed should you have to stop.

4. Brake Safely. Avoid slamming on your brakes in winter driving conditions. The best way to stop in snowy or icy conditions is threshold braking. Simply keep the heel of your foot on the floor and apply firm, steady pressure to the brake with the ball of your foot.

5. Take Hills Steady. As you approach a hill in the winter, the best method is to try to get some inertia before reaching the incline, and allow that to carry you up. Avoid applying extra gas when driving up hills in the winter since it can make your wheels spin.

6. Don't Stop Up Hill. Avoid stopping on an incline since trying to get going from a stop while on an snow-covered hill can be difficult.

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