Friday, February 21, 2014

Chesrown Lifetime Oil and Tire Rotations Giveaway!

Free Oil Changes and Tire Rotations for Life!

Chesrown Chevrolet Buick GMC is one of the only dealers in the nation to offer free oil changes and tire rotations for life with any new or used vehicle purchase. To honor you, our loyal followers we want to give one lucky winner: 

Free Oil Changes & Tire Rotations for Life!

To become eligible for this UNPRECEDENTED giveaway, simply complete ALL 3 of the following steps:

Step 1) 'LIKE' our Chesrown Chevrolet Buick GMC Facebook page, if we're not already connected

Step 2) 'LIKE' or 'COMMENT' on this Facebook post

Step 3) 'SHARE' this Facebook post

Click Here for Official Giveaway Facebook Post by Chesrown Chevrolet Buick GMC

You have from now until Sunday, February 23 at Midnight to enter! We will announce the contest winner on Monday morning so stay tuned! Good luck! It could be YOU to win Free Lifetime Oil Changes & Tire Rotations!

Giveaway Contest Details

  • "Lifetime" is defined as the lifetime ownership of one vehicle of your choice in your household. 
  • The winner will be eligible for free oil changes and tire rotations for the lifetime of one vehicle. This benefit is non-transferable. The benefit will be registered with one vehicle only.
  • To be eligible, one must satisfy all three (3) requirements above. The winner will be selected randomly from the pool of all eligible participants.
  • A purchase of a new or used vehicle is not necessary to be eligible to win.
  • If you own a previously purchased vehicle from Chesrown, you are NOT disqualified from winning! If this is the case, we we encourage you to register any non-Chesrown originating vehicle that doesn't already qualify for free lifetime oil changes and tire rotations. One winner will win this benefit for one car in one household. 
  • How we determine when you'll receive an oil change and tire rotation:
    • Vehicles with oil life monitor: When oil life monitor reads less than 20% oil life or 7,500 miles have passed since the previous oil change, whichever comes first. The same oil that is recommended by the OEM is the oil that will be provided. The tire rotation will be performed at the time of the oil change.
    • Vehicles without oil monitor: Every 5,000 miles a regular petroleum based oil change is available. The tire rotation will be performed at the time of the oil change.
    • Chesrown uses oil that is recommended by the OEM for all oil changes. Any request for oil different than what the manufacturer specifically recommends may carry an additional charge. You may also supply your own oil for your oil change, however any variant from what the OEM recommends will be at your own risk. Chesrown will not be held responsible for any mechanical issues that could arise as a result of this deviation from the OEM's recommendation.
  • Exotic cars are ineligible from winning due to the highly specialized needs of such vehicles.

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