Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Recall Aftermath: Should You Buy a GM?

Recall Aftermath: Should You Buy a GM?

DELAWARE, Ohio – In the wake of all the General Motors recall drama, you're probably left wondering whether or not it is a smart idea to purchase a new or used Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac, understandably. While recalls are concerning because they involve safety, not all are created equal. So let's take a deeper look at what it means to recall a vehicle.

The good news about recalls is that while a problem occurred, it was identified and a solution was made available to the consumer free of charge. Since they can affect safety, recalls are concerning, however they don't necessarily indicate an unreliable automaker. In fact, recalls are common among all automakers and almost all vehicles are subject to at least one throughout their lifetime. The critical aspect is how quick the automaker is to recall the vehicle when a problem is identified. From there, clear communication to customers and essential dealership support is crucial to addressing the situation.

As we've all heard in the news, GM stumbled a bit through this process which has caused recall after recall to make headlines. While the quantity is significant, the quality isn't as alarming and that is important to point out. Since the initial recalls, General Motors has become increasingly proactive, redoubling their safety efforts, and aggressively addressing any possible issues before the vehicles even hit the road; as occurred with the Chevrolet Silverado HD. Because like we said, one of the most important aspects to a recall is how quickly it is issued and resolved.

When it comes down to the purchase, before making a decision you should always research road tests and reliability surveys no matter which automaker you are interested in. In the case of used vehicles, competition was drastically different than it is today and many vehicles were built to price. You already know that older model vehicles don't compare to those built today, so always do your research and have the specific vehicle you are interested in inspected by your local dealer or repair shop to make sure all repair work has been conducted and to get a better idea of how the car was cared for. In the case of new GM vehicles, the quality, performance and safety of these models doesn't even compare to those sold even five years ago. The latest models have demonstrated their improvements through high vehicle testing scores across the entire lineup.

So while it is understandable that the GM Recall Aftermath may have left you wondering whether or not to buy, it's important to remember that not all recalls are of the same quality. Most importantly, here at Chesrown we are here to take care of you and your vehicle, making sure you are always safe when you hit the road. If you ever have any questions regarding your vehicle, do not hesitate to contact us!

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