Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Driving Dangers

Spring Driving Dangers

DELAWARE, Ohio– Spring weather is on the horizon which means no more dangerous roads affected by winter weather, right? Wrong. Spring actually presents some dangerous driving situations of its own that can be just as hazardous as winter roads. So, cruise into summer safely with by avoiding these spring driving dangers.

Avoid these Spring Driving Dangers for a safe season–

-April showers bring May flowers, which means rainy days and possible flooding. As the spring rains arrive, they create slippery road conditions and wet pavement which reduce your car's handling and drastically increase stopping distance. With continued rain, roads risk flooding which can hide potholes or cause you to hydroplane.

-Is it winter or spring? Sometimes it's hard to tell in the midst of a hailstorm which sends ice balls falling from the sky. Not only can hail damage your car, but it also makes the roads dangerous.

-Not that we even need to tell you, but as spring begins to arrive so do all of the potholes. After a tough season of ice, snow, salt, sand, and snow plows, the roads take quite a beating and definitely show it. So make sure to take it slow and be aware of the road ahead of you.

- Even the animals are excited for spring, so keep your eyes peeled. Animals are extremely active in the spring, especially at dawn and dusk since some are emerging from hibernation and others are entering mating season.

-Warmer weather also gets bikers excited to hit the road, whether on motorcycles or bicycles. Make sure to always look twice when making traffic maneuvers, whether you're switching lanes, turning right, or parallel parking.

While we're excited for spring's warmer weather, we want you to stay safe as more people begin to engage in outdoor activities and rain showers pop up unannounced. Chesrown Chevrolet Buick GMC is a family owned and operated dealership in Central Ohio that has been committed to providing the highest quality of service to create lifetime customers for over 50 years. Feel free to give us a call at (740) 363-1175 or stop by our dealership at 1701 Columbus Pike, Delaware, OH, 43015!

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